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Why video in email?

As a marketer, you know the power of video across your channels. Now, let’s bring that to your emails.
See a surge up to 50% in email conversions
uplift in CTOR, drawing your audience in with premium content
Video content transforms brand perception

We are irresistibly drawn in by the power of movement

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Video wins again and again

86% of people want more video content from brands.

Better understanding of products & services

90% of people say videos influence their buying decisions

The mere mention of video drives results

Including "video" in the subject line increased open rates by 20%, boosted CTOR by 65%, and reduced unsubscribes by 26%.

Find out what an actual video can do...
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In a couple of clicks you can effortlessly add a URL destination, alt tags and other customisations without needing to know a thing about HTML

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"I'll just use a gif"

Videos are gifs x1000

A gif will bloat load times, look terrible and let's not get started on frame rates.
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